Save More Time by Automating Tasks

Automate those small and time-consuming tasks so you can focus on your guests.
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Let guests book their rooms and programs at the same time
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Sell the same room as a single, double, or triple depending on who books first
Automatically send emails to guests before and after a program starts

Stop Letting Little Things Take Up Your Time

Retreat Guru is great at handling the bulk of your administrative work so you can spend your time giving guests better experiences.


Send Pre-Arrival & Departure Email Campaigns

Create email templates that can be automatically sent to participants before they arrive and after they leave.

Book Rooms & Programs Together

Retreat Guru is "program-centric" so it lets participants book their room and programs at the same time.

Ability to Room Strangers Together

Maximize your space so you can get more bookings for your programs by rooming strangers together.

Adjust Rooms Based on Who Books First

Offer the same room as a single, double, triple, etc. depending on who books it first.

Automatically Send Guest Statements

Have guest statements sent automatically with the option for them to pay right away.

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With this software, it is simpler to run reception now. Retreat Guru is making us more efficient and our administration easier

See How Spirit Rock Saved More Time by Streamlining Operations

Discover how this meditiation center used Retreat Guru to maximize efficiency and save more time.

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See how Retreat Guru can automate those simple, time-consuming, and repetitive tasks so you can focus on other things. 

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