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Retreat Guru Features_Conditional Questions
Conditional Questions

Add conditional questions to your registration forms that only appear when specific information is entered.

Retreat Guru Features_Multi-Person Registrations
Multi-Person Registrations

Easily accept registrations for more than one person while still keeping track of each individual.

Retreat Guru Features_Secondary Forms
Secondary Forms

Create secondary forms to help you easily collect all the participant information you need.

Retreat Guru Features_Specific Date Ranges for Bookings
Specific Date Ranges for Bookings

For Fixed Date programs, you can set the start and end dates for your programs along with the “list until” date when registrations are closed. For Flexible Date programs, guests can choose their start and end date while you set a specific booking range.

Retreat Guru Features_Minimum Lengths of Stay
Minimum Lengths of Stay

Set a minimum number of nights required in order for bookings to be made.

Retreat Guru Features_Exclude Dates to Start a Stay
Exclude Dates to Start a Stay

Exclude certain days where a guest can NOT start their stay, restricting start dates to certain days on your calendar.

Retreat Guru Features_Custom Registration Statuses
Custom Registration Statuses

Create custom statuses for registrations based on the different stages of your booking process. Statuses can include “Payment Required”, “Payment Received”, “Canceled”, and more.

Retreat Guru Features_Capture Leads from Abandoned Registrations
Capture Leads from Abandoned Registrations

Keep track of people who started registering for a program, but never finished. Their information is collected so you can reconnect with them.

Retreat Guru Features_Printable Participant Rosters for Programs
Printable Participant Rosters for Programs

Automatically create guest rosters for each program and share the important registration details amongst your team.

Retreat Guru Features_Enable Wait Lists
Enable Wait Lists

Automatically turn on a Wait List to continue collecting registrations after you reach max capacity. Give these bookings first priority if a spot opens up.


Retreat Guru Features_Highlight Registrations With Flags
Highlight Registrations With Flags

You can color code registrations based on your operational need. You can flag each person to highlight information about them such as whether that person has a balance due, is blacklisted, has special needs, etc.


Retreat Guru Features_Exclude Guest Type From Max Capacity
Exclude Guest Type From Max Capacity

Easily exclude certain types of registrations (such as a teacher or renter) from the max capacity of your programs.


Retreat Guru Features_Registration Data Permissions
Registration Data Permissions

Control which members of your team can access guest responses to certain registration questions by setting admin user roles.


Retreat Guru Features_Registration Reporting Options
Registration Reporting Options

Decide whether to include or exclude individual registrations in different reports. This includes kitchen reporting, per program meal reporting, arrival reporting, and arrival/departure quick links in the registration list.


Retreat Guru Features_Participant Portal
Participant Portal

Provide guests with a view of their past, present, and future registrations with the option to easily add an event to their personal Gmail or Outlook calendar. The portal also allows guests to view their guest statement, see any balance due, and easily access links for online programs.

Retreat Guru Features_Early Bird Pricing
Early Bird Pricing

Offer participants multiple time-based offers depending on how early a booking is made to get more registrations in advance.

Retreat Guru Features_Seasonal Pricing
Seasonal Pricing

Set custom pricing for different times of the year (or for future years). You also have the ability to modify seasonal pricing for each program.

Retreat Guru Features_Weekend and Weekday Pricing
Weekend and Weekday Pricing

Set custom pricing based on different days of the week since weekends can be a popular choice among guests.

Retreat Guru Features_Sliding Price Scale
Sliding Price Scale

Offer a guests a price range they can choose from when booking a program. 

Retreat Guru Features_Itemized Pricing Packages
Itemized Pricing Packages

List out individual components that make up the package price for your programs. These specific items could include meals, admin costs, material fees, specific program costs, etc.


Retreat Guru Features_Limits on Discount Codes
Limits on Discount Codes

Control how many times a discount code can be used across all of your programs.


Retreat Guru Features_Program-Specific Discount Codes
Program-Specific Discount Codes

Set specific discount codes that are available on a program-by-program basis.


Retreat Guru Features_Discount Exclusions
Discount Exclusions

Exclude certain types of transactions from being included in discount codes


Retreat Guru Features_Limited Time Discount Codes
Limited Time Discount Codes

Offer time-based discount codes that will expire if not used during the allotted period.


Retreat Guru Features_Special Pricing for Extra Nights Booked
Special Pricing for Extra Nights Booked

Offer different prices based on the number of nights someone books a retreat for each room type.

Retreat Guru Features_Program-Restricted Room Blocks
Program-Restricted Room Blocks

Section off certain rooms for specific programs so you never have to worry about double booking.

Retreat Guru Features_Program Planning Notes
Program Planning Notes

Add custom notes to your programs to help with planning and executing them.

Retreat Guru Features_Customize Registration Form Fields
Customize Registration Form Fields

Customize your online registration forms with custom notes and headers on a per program basis.

Retreat Guru Features_Fixed Date and Flexible Date Programs
Fixed Date and Flexible Date Programs

Choose whether you want to offer guests either Fixed Date and Flexible Date programs.

Retreat Guru Features_Custom “Thank You” Pages for Form Registrations
Custom “Thank You” Pages for Form Registrations

Direct guests to custom “Thank You” pages attached to the form used for each registration.


Retreat Guru Features_Password-Protected Programs
Password-Protected Programs

Have certain programs require a password in order for guests to register for it.

Retreat Guru Features_Meal Reports
Meal Reports

Automatically create diet-based Meal Reports for your kitchen to stay prepared for each program.


Retreat Guru Features_Program-Based Meal Plans
Program-Based Meal Plans

Offer different meal plans for each of your programs.

Retreat Guru Features_Staff Rooms
Staff Rooms

Block off certain rooms to only be assigned to staff members.

Retreat Guru Features_Room Bookings Chart
Room Bookings Chart

This provides you with a helpful overview of the guests staying with you, including helpful icons based on their gender or group. You can also indicate whether they have another stay with you on the same calendar.

Retreat Guru Features_Venue Booking Calendar
Venue Booking Calendar

Easily see all of your room and program bookings in a calendar view.

Retreat Guru Features_Occupancy Report
Occupancy Report

Use the Occupancy Report to get a better sense of guest arrivals and departures.

Retreat Guru Features_Housekeeping Reports
Housekeeping Reports

Use the Housekeeping Report to easily keep track of Arrivals, Departures, and the main essentials for getting each room ready. Always know when guests come and go to have your team ready to prepare rooms quickly.

Retreat Guru Features_The Changes Log
The Changes Log

Automatically keep a record of all the changes made to registrations, programs, transactions, and more by anyone one your team.

Retreat Guru Features_Google Tag Manager
Google Tag Manager

Easily integrate your retreat management system with all Google properties.

Retreat Guru Features_Room Inventory
Room Inventory

Never overbook a room by making sure participants always see what’s available during registration.

Retreat Guru Features_Offer Flexible Room Types
Offer Flexible Room Types

Sell the same room as a single, double, or triple depending on who books it first.


Retreat Guru Features_Room Availability Summary
Room Availability Summary

At the top of the Room Bookings view, you are able to see a summary of any available spaces during a certain date range.


Retreat Guru Features_Collapsible Room Display
Collapsible Room Display

On the Room Bookings view, you can show or hide rows of rooms, to display them only summary by Room Type.


Retreat Guru Features_Switch Guest Rooms
Switch Guest Rooms

Easily manage guests who want or need to change their room during a stay.


Retreat Guru Features_Exclude Certain Rooms When Reporting
Exclude Certain Rooms When Reporting

Exclude certain rooms from being included when running the Occupancy Report or looking availability numbers on the Room Booking page.


Retreat Guru Features_Accept Rentals Inquiries
Accept Rentals Inquiries

Accept inquiries from other retreat leaders to rent your space and automatically create quotes.


Retreat Guru Features_Manage Rental Contracts
Manage Rental Contracts

Automatically create rental contracts that can be sent to people looking to rent your space.


Retreat Guru Features_Event Group Leader
Event Group Leader

Allow a single person to pay for an entire group and give them the authority to manage the registration. They will receive a single guest statement/invoice.


Retreat Guru Features_Remote Registration Form for Group Leaders
Remote Registration Form for Group Leaders

Give an Event Group Leader the ability to manage their group’s registrations without needing to login to Retreat Guru. They can add, assign rooms, remove items, and make edits. You can also prevent group leaders from overfilling rooms with too many people. Offer the option to auto-email guests that have been added by the event organizer to collect follow-up information.


Retreat Guru Features_Organizational Contacts
Organizational Contacts

Maintain a simple database with all your organizational contacts. You can add these contacts to different programs and rentals as needed.


Retreat Guru Features_Venue Management
Venue Management

Convert your meeting spaces into venues that can be assigned to different programs for more efficiency.


Retreat Guru Features_Banquet Event Order (BEO)
Banquet Event Order (BEO)

Create a printable Banquet Event Order (BEO) that can be distributed amongst your team to help with event planning.


Retreat Guru Features_Include a Custom Number of Meals with Registrations
Include a Custom Number of Meals with Registrations

Specify which days and meal periods will be included for guests when they register.


Retreat Guru Features_Bulk Meals
Bulk Meals

Give your team the option to include extra meals that are not connected to particular registration or program. This can be to account for staff, walk-ins, special groups, etc.


Retreat Guru Features_Program Tasks and Statuses
Program Tasks and Statuses

Create custom program statuses and assign different tasks to keep track of the different stages in your program planning process.

Retreat Guru Features_GL (General Ledger) Codes for Transaction Categories
GL (General Ledger) Codes for Transaction Categories

Assign General Ledger (GL) codes to your transactions to assist with accounting and finance processes.

Retreat Guru Features_Apply Taxes on Transaction Categories
Apply Taxes on Transaction Categories

Automatically have taxes calculated for the custom transaction categories you set up.

Retreat Guru Features_Manage Personal Credit
Manage Personal Credit

Easily give and keep track of any program credits that have been allotted to participants, volunteers, and staff.

Retreat Guru Features_Suggested Donation Pricing
Suggested Donation Pricing

Automatically provide guests with suggested donation prices when they fill out your registration forms.

Retreat Guru Features_Scheduled Payment Transactions
Scheduled Payment Transactions

Schedule when transaction payments will appear on a guest’s monthly bank statement.

Retreat Guru Features_Credit Card Fee
Credit Card Fee

Add an extra small fee for guests if they decide to pay with a credit card.

Retreat Guru Features_Track Alternative Payment Methods
Track Alternative Payment Methods

Track all types of payments made outside of credit cards, including checks, cash, debit, or e-transfer.

Retreat Guru Features_Schedule Instalment Payments
Schedule Instalment Payments

Schedule automatic monthly or quarterly payment plans for a program and provide this option to guests during registration. Payments with be automatically charged to the credit card on file.

Retreat Guru Features_Offer Optional Add-Ons
Offer Optional Add-Ons

Allow participants to buy optional add-ons such as massages, airport shuttles, and more.

Retreat Guru Features_Guest Statements
Guest Statements

You can create and send statements to guests through your Retreat Guru dashboard.


Retreat Guru Features_Collect Gratuities
Collect Gratuities

Collect optional gratuities from guests during the payment process after they receive their statement.


Retreat Guru Features_Add Items with Speed Keys
Add Items with Speed Keys

Create short codes for your most popular items to make it easier for your staff to add items when preparing guest statements.


Retreat Guru Features_Accounting Report
Accounting Report

The Accounting Report gives you all the essentials needed for making journal entries in your accounting system. Revenue is realized and reported when the stay occurs or the item/service has been delivered, regardless of when the payment is made.


Retreat Guru Features_Accounting Mode
Accounting Mode

Maintain integrity and prevent users from editing transactions after the specified date for when revenue is realized.

Retreat Guru Features_Send Pre-Arrival Emails to Guests
Send Pre-Arrival Emails to Guests

Allow automated emails to be sent to guests from Retreat Guru at whatever time intervals you choose before your retreat begins.

Retreat Guru Features_Send Post-Departure Emails
Send Post-Departure Emails

Create emails that can be sent to participants after your retreat ends.


Retreat Guru Features_Events Hosted Online
Events Hosted Online

Automatically create web pages where participants can gain access to your online content.


Retreat Guru Features_Expansive API Integration
Expansive API Integration

Use Retreat Guru API to connect with other tools and systems including Webhooks.

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