Simplify Your Entire Booking Process

Make it easier for participants to book your retreats directly on your website.
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Show real-time room inventory to let your guests book in minutes
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Spend less time emailing guests to confirm a booking
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Even easier for groups to register together

Offer Your Guests A Better Booking Experience

When you make it easier for guests to book, you make it easier for people to choose an experience with you over someone else.

Add Custom Questions to Your Booking Forms

Set up your forms by adding custom fields to collect all the information you need to run your retreats.

Ask Conditional Questions

Create automated follow-up questions that appear when certain information is entered during registration.

Make it Easier to Submit Group Bookings

Streamline group bookings by collecting everyone's information at once.

Show Your Real-Time Room Availability

Let guests choose their room type when booking programs and have the software automatically assign them for you.

Accept Donations During Registration

If you collect donations, you can offer guests the chance to do that right when they book.

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In our first year of using Retreat Guru (2019), we had a record breaking year at Hollyhock. There were a lot of factors, but there is no doubt in my mind that Retreat Guru, by itself, increased our registrations by more than 3%.

See How Menla Levelled-Up Efficiency to Grow Bookings

Take a look at how this wellness center used Retreat Guru to improve their operational efficiency, grow bookings, and connect their team.

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Menla Case Study

Make Bookings the Easiest Part of Your Day

Learn more about how Retreat Guru can help you drastically improve your booking process to give people a better experience.

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