Spirit Rock Used Retreat Guru to Empower Their Growth

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Spirit Rock is a California-based meditation center that offers many types of diverse programs in various formats. On top of that, they offer advanced practitioner programs that can span a year or more so their operational needs are complex.


  • They were getting so many registrations that their operations were getting more complex.
  • They were using a donor management system that was not suited for the complexity of a retreat center.
  • There were far too many manual processes needed for each individual task.


  • Their registrars were able to free up more time to focus on customer experience.
  • Registrations were more accurate and customers were able to easily register online.
  • Their team was happier and were able to get more done in their day.
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With Retreat Guru's help, Spirit Rock was able to move away from manual processes, helping their entire team be more successful.